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Banks play a vital role in the creation and management of individual and corporate accounts. Besides this, they also have another significant role of Transfer of funds. Thanks to the modern technological aids, transferring monies from an account in the USA to India is just so easy. We, from Bank of Baroda, specialize in offering a host of services on the pro-rata basis to aid the funds remittance to India from USA.

A Sneak Peek at the Remittance to India from USA Services

We, at Bank of Baroda, offer easy and hassle-free Rupee remittance to India, via a few processes.

Why Choose Us

We, from Bank of Baroda, have an advantage of being one of the most experienced banks in the country. We have not just made banking easy but also offered services with great foresight and keeping in mind the lawfulness of the process. Whether someone wishes to transfer rapid funds to India from USA, or Correspondent bank transfer to India from USA, UK, or Brussels, we are there. We ensure swiftest transfers of funds with the least compunction to our clients across the world.

We provide the fastest mode of Outward Remittances to India and other parts of the world at the most competitive rates in the following modes:

1. Rupee remittance to India
2. Demand Draft

You can purchase Demand Drafts in the following Currencies

  1. Indian Rupee Payable at any of our Branches in India.
  2. US Dollars Payable at any of our Authorized Branches in India or Overseas
  3. GBP Payable at our London Branch
  4. EURO Payable at our Brussels Branch
    Charges: INR No charges, Other Currencies - $15.00 per Demand Draft
3. Transfer by SWIFT
  1. US Dollars To any Bank around the world through their US Correspondent Banks
  2. GBP Through our London Branch
  3. EURO Through our Brussels Branch
    Charges: Up to USD 1000.00 - $10.00 and Above 1000.00 - $30.00
4. How to make Remittance under the above modes
5. International Wire Transfer through your Bankers

You can also make International Wire transfer to any of the Bank of Baroda Branches through Bank of Baroda, New York by providing the following information to your Bank

  • SWIFT field 56 (Intermediary Institution)?
  • SWIFT field 57 (Account with Institution)
  • SWIFT field 59 (Beneficiary Customer)
  • SWIFT field 70 (Remittance Information)
  • Credit to Bank of Baroda, New York SWIFT Code BARBUS33 or ABA number 026005322
  • SWIFT Code of the Branch where you maintain the account or the nearest Branch (in India) from the
  • Beneficiary (14 digit Account number, Name & Address) Account with Bank of Baroda______Branch
  • Purpose of remittance